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Verified by Retail Rocket Group

Verified by Retail Rocket Group

All emails we send are marked with a special Verified by Retail Rocket badge — a guarantee that the partner complies with legislative requirements, uses modern technology stack, and adheres to our anti-spam policy.

Compliance with Policies and Legislation

All emails we send are marked with a special badge Verified by Retail Rocket — a guarantee that the partner complies with mailing policies and legislative requirements: does not distribute prohibited content and works only with valid addresses and subscribers who have confirmed their consent to receive emails.

Technology that Achieves
High-Quality Mailing

  • High delivery speed and deliverability rate;
  • Wide personalization in real-time: from customer characteristics to products through various algorithms and segmentation;
  • Responsive user interface;
  • Personalized sending time;
  • Automated scenarios: both marketing and transactional;
  • Hypothesis testing and determining the best option;
  • Visual email editor;
  • Omnichannel approach;
  • Transparent and detailed statistics and reports;

Anti-Spam Policy of Retail Rocket Group

Types of campaigns which are always identified as SPAM:

  • Campaigns to a subscriber base collected using email address collectors, parsing directories, etc.
  • Campaigns to a purchased third-party subscriber base.

Types of campaigns which are sometimes identified as SPAM:

  • The email does not have an unsubscribe link, or it is well disguised.
  • The partner sends emails to a base where more than 5% of addresses are invalid.

    Invalid email addresses — non-existent addresses to which a message cannot be delivered. Examples of invalid addresses: smith@gmeil.com, jane@yahooo.com.

  • Mailings are blocked by anti-spam filters of email providers such as Gmail.
  • A large number of campaign recipients complain about spam.
  • To determine a large number of complaints, we use the indicators from the table below.
Number of emails per month Percentage of emails that received complaints
up 10 000 1,4%
up 500 000 1,3%
up 10 000 000 1,1%
up 50 000 000 0,7%
over 50 000 000 0,4%

Verified by Retail Rocket Group

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