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Email Marketing Platform

Email Marketing Platform

Launch promotional newsletters, behavioral trigger-based communications, service and transactional emails within a single platform. Enhance customer experience by predictive analysis and content personalization.

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Solution profit

  • Personalize emails with smart product recommendations

  • Segment customers by customers’ interests to brands or product categories and send the products fitting these interests

  • Maintain the customers’ demand on particular products and remind customers to replenish products they bought that they are likely run out of soon

How communication with customers gets personalized

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the cornerstone of our Email Marketing Platform. It creates emails for users at any customer journey stage and defines the best scenario to launch for the best marketing performance.

For example, AI can send an email with personal discounts on items your customer was interested in recently or predict next purchases.

How communication with customers gets personalized
  • Automated trigger-based emails Send personalized emails taking into account the CJM stage of a particular customer

  • Service emails Confirm successful payments, delivery state and other events

  • Promotional newsletters Send personal emails with discounts and promos for the whole customer base or the specific segment

What you can do

  • Segment customers based on their interests

    AI analyzes user activity on the website, brick&mortar store and in the mobile app. This data is used for customer segmentation and personal offers targeting.

    Segment customers based on their interests
  • Use dynamic content in emails

    Email content is adjusted depending on the customer’s behavior on the website and in your mobile app.

    For example, AI will pick products of the brand the customer was interested in and show them in the email.

    Use dynamic content in emails
  • Predict next best buy offer

    AI anticipates future customer needs. It gains information on the next purchase based on consumption chains — the time between previously purchased items and making the next order. Then it offers products the customer is likely to require soon.

    For example, if the customer previously ordered clothing for a 6-months-old baby, he’ll need clothing for a 1-year-old baby in the next 6 months.

    Predict next best buy offer
  • Launch automated trigger-based email campaigns

    Boost your email marketing efficiency with automated trigger-based email campaigns starting from the popular abandoned cart recovery and up to complex CJM-based triggers. Triggered emails are sent in real time based on each visitor's behavior on your website.

    Launch automated trigger-based email campaigns
  • Examine real-time statistics in your dashboard

    Control KPIs of your sent emails, analyze the data on transactions, revenue and clicks.

    You can also execute A/B-tests, browse heatmaps and export data into spreadsheets in the analytics section. All in real time.

    Examine real-time statistics in your dashboard
  • Adapt content by customer’s region and product stock

    AI learns if a particular item is out of stock, so it won’t be shown in emails.

    Adapt content by customer’s region and product stock
  • Synch email with user cookies

    AI creates the profile for each user who entered an email on the website or came to the website from the email.

    Thus it recognizes even the non-authorized customer and recommends products he requires and needs. GDPR-compliant, of course.

    Synch email with user cookies

How to start

  •  Integration


    with external systems and layout coding

  • Email campaigns launch

    Email campaigns launch

    for any segments and scenarios in a single tool

  • Hypothesis testing

    Hypothesis testing

    to boost your sales with continuous iterative testing and AI

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Get access to Retail Rocket expertise

Get access to Retail Rocket expertise

Our Growth Hacking team knows how to get the most of Retail Rocket technologies.

We set up the hypothesis testing plan for each customer and launch tests to check algorithms, visual placements and other elements.

We share the results with the client and explain how to use them to increase average order value and revenue and send customers products they actually require.

Our Growth Hacking team has implemented Retail Rocket modules for 1000+ customers and executed 7000+ tests. We work accurately and know exactly which decisions work or not.

The profit you get

  • Increase conversion and average order value

  • Provide useful personalized offers of your products and services to your customers

  • Save time and resources for setting up email campaigns

  • Quickly test new marketing hypothesis

  • Boost LTV and revenue

  • Increase the deliverability rate of your email campaigns

Thousands of clients worldwide

generated €385 981 789 additional revenue last year using Retail Rocket

  • Vans
  • Ашан
  • myToys
  • OTTO
  • Nespresso
  • Groupon
  • Hoff
Посмотрите, как работает Email Marketing Platform

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