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Smart Placement

Performance Marketing Platform for product
promotion inside the huge and fast growing
eCom traffic worldwide

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Platform Benefits

  • Adds new advertising
    features to the store’s
    Website and App

  • Gives brands
    an opportunity of focus
    promotion of their
    products on eCom stores

  • Increases brand’s sales
    through point-to-point
    communication with
    a relevant audience

Right on Target

Smart Placement is a personalized marketing tool.
SP segments customers by behavioral patterns in real time. For brands, this is an opportunity for targeted communication with the target audience. For retailers — traffic monetization.

  • Analyzes the behavior
    of online store users

  • Segments the audience using
    Big Data and Machine Learning technologies

  • Sets up in-store targeting ads campaigns

  • Focusedly promotes selected products among the target audience

How it works

  • All users are marked according to clear criteria

    Smart Placement collects data about the user interests: page and product cards views, clicks, transitions, additions to the cart and favorites, search queries, purchase history
    and other actions.

  • Data-driven approach

    With the help of machine learning tools, a multi-million volume of accumulated data
    on the behavior of the audience inside the online store is processed. This allows to build
    a predictive demand model and calculate the probability of purchasing specific products
    by the target consumer, and then select narrow segments to set up effective targeting advertising campaigns.

  • The advertising budget is in the hands of professionals

    An expert analyst dedicated to each project selects the optimal parameters
    of the audience and masterfully sets up targeted advertising campaigns to promote
    the selected SKUs and achieve the brand’s target KPIs.

  • Dynamic content instead of static

    Online store users see promoted products in recommendation blocks and on personalized banners. On the same placement, different product shelves or banners are displayed
    for different customers, formed according to their interests.

  • Maximum return on advertising investments

    All advertising campaigns are monitored and, if necessary, adjusted in real time.
    This makes it possible to achieve three- and even four-digit ROMI and ROAS return
    on marketing investments.

More revenue from the same audience

Placements of personalized recommendations allow retailers
to multiply the number of simultaneously promoted products
and brands.

On the same placements — the places on the Website and the App
of the online store — different users will see different relevant offers
customized exactly to their interests.

Targeting inside an online store

With Smart Placement, brands can focus on promoting products only for their target audience on the retailer’s Website or App.

Each advertising campaign is configured strictly to meet the KPIs and gives you the opportunity to influence the performance during the run. This allows you to increase the efficiency of the ads budget use, launched promos and marketing communications in a particular online store.

We have more than 1,000 customers worldwide

Last year we brought them over $600 million
of additional revenue

  • Vans
  • Ашан
  • myToys
  • OTTO
  • Nespresso
  • Groupon
  • Hoff

Smart Placement
for your business

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the Smart Placement platform.

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