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Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Joins online and offline customers data in a single storage and quickly creates segments for any marketing needs

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Solution profit

  • Aggregate data from your loyalty program, mobile app, website, CRM and other sources.

  • Create a 360-degrees profile for each customer

  • Build complex segments based on dozens of parameters in minutes without scarce IT resources

What you can do

  • Aggregate customer data in a single storage

    Data Warehouse helps to join data from online and offline sources: CRM, bonus program, website, mobile app and others.

    All information is provided in a standardized way: you don’t have to convert or process anything.

    Aggregate customer data in a single storage
  • Launch marketing campaigns without engaging with IT specialist

    You don’t need an IT specialist to get information from Data Warehouse or to upload it. All is done with the click of a mouse.

    Launch marketing campaigns without engaging with IT specialist
  • Create target segments in a few minutes

    Data Warehouse allows segmentation based on dozens of parameters: gender, age, purchases, average order value and others. Creating the most complex segments takes a couple of minutes.

    Segment Builder
    Create target segments in a few minutes
  • Combine information on each customer in a 360-degrees profile

    You can aggregate data from your CRM, bonus program, website or mobile app.

    Using data from different sources helps to learn more about your clients, build an accurate CJM and brush up your marketing strategy.

    Combine information on each customer in a 360-degrees profile
  • Facilitate strategic marketing tasks

    Use information from Data Warehouse to launch campaigns with ready-to-use segments and to create dashboards for maintaining customer base activity.

    Facilitate strategic marketing tasks

How to start

  • Platform integration

    Platform integration

    Just a few man-hours of for tracking code setup and purchase history upload.

  • Data analysis

    Data analysis

    We use first-party data from your website, mobile app or CRM to analyze transactions, clickstream and other metrics.

  • Segment Insights

    Segment Insights

    Average order value, monthly revenue, retention rate and other data are calculated for each segment.

  • Campaign launch

    Campaign launch

    Segment-based campaigns can be launched based on the platform data.

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The profit you get

  • Keep all customer data in a single tool

  • Combe different parameters of a particular customer in a unified profile

  • Integration with CRM, bonus program and other tools

  • Clear and easy-to-use stats on a dashboard

  • Quick and smart segmentation in just a couple of clicks

Thousands of clients worldwide

generated €385 981 789 additional revenue last year using Retail Rocket

  • Vans
  • Ашан
  • myToys
  • OTTO
  • Nespresso
  • Groupon
  • Hoff
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Learn how Data Warehouse works

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Useful add-ons

Data Warehouse is provided with Campaign Management System to launch smart web / mobile push, SMS, and email campaigns tuned for various segments in just a couple of clicks.

Other Retention Management modules also help to analyze your customers and personalize your campaigns to each client.

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