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AI Personalization Engine

AI Personalization Engine

Defines the best timing and communication channel to make a personalized offer to your client

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How Artificial Intelligence does it

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the cornerstone of all Retail Rocket modules. It gets your website, mobile app and emails personalized in real time, provides complex customer segmentation and builds smart communication strategies for any customer journey stage.

AI improves the user experience: offers products that your customers really need, predicts next purchase and prevents sending the same messages via different channels.

In which modules does it work

  • Data Warehouse

    Joins online and offline customers data in a single storage and quickly creates segments for any marketing needs

  • Campaign Management System

    Increase your revenue and customer engagement by cross-channel communications in emails, push and sms.

  • Customer Intelligence Platform

    Opens up opportunities for your strategic customer database marketing to boost LTV and revenue.

What you can do

  • Real-time personalization in any channels

    AI analyzes customers’ interests and purchase history to form a personal version of your website or mobile app or email for each user.

    Online Merchandising
    Real-time personalization in any channels
  • Customer segmentation based on user interests

    AI analyzes user activity within the website, mobile app and emails. This data is used for segmentation in marketing campaigns.

    Segment Builder
    Customer segmentation based on user interests
  • Next best buy offer prediction

    AI anticipates future customer needs. It gains information on the next purchase based on consumption chains — the time between previously purchased items and making the next order. Then it offers products the customer is likely to require soon.

    For example, if the customer previously ordered clothing for a 6-months-old baby, he’ll need clothing for a 1-year-old baby in the next 6 months.

    Next Best Offer
    Next best buy offer prediction
  • Defining the best timing and communication channel for each customer

    AI analyzes customer behavior on the website and in the mobile app, notes the way the customer reads his emails. For example, AI learns the time of day the customer used to open an email and sets this time for sending further emails, so your message shall always be on the top of the list among other emails in the client's mailbox.

    Dynamic timing for campaigns
    Defining the best timing and communication channel for each customer
  • Preventing customer churn

    AI continuously analyzes your customers: how they purchase, when they return and when they leave.

    With the power of Big Data it predicts customer churn by tuning automated communications aimed to make clients stay.

    Preventing customer churn

Thousands of clients worldwide

generated €385 981 789 additional revenue last year using Retail Rocket

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  • Ашан
  • myToys
  • OTTO
  • Nespresso
  • Groupon
  • Hoff
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