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Can you avoid returns from your online shoppers? No, but you heavily reduce them with the right retention management tools.

Maximising profits is always a big challenge for every marketer and sometimes the sales pressure leads us to focus on motivating impulse consumption at the expense of the overall shopping experience and the long term customer satisfaction.

Purchase dissatisfaction, regret, remorse: there are several reasons that can lead to returning a product. And – when the return machine gets started – the first victim along its way is your ecommerce growth due to the increase of churn rate that follows a return.

In this e-guide, you will find our suggestions to avoid customer dissatisfaction when the origin that motivates it is a wrong buying choice. Sometimes, time-limited promotional campaigns generate a feeling of urgency and stress in buyers that drive them to make a hasty decision. Let’s see how a personal approach with AI across the comprehensive Customer Journey will help your customer quickly find what they are looking for.

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