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Segment Builder

Segment Builder

Builds complex segments based on dozens of parameters, so you can accurately choose segments to address your offers. Works for emails, push and sms, as well as in cross-channel communications.

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  • Tool overview

    Build complex segments based on CRM, transactions and user behavior data in a couple of minutes. You can also download created segments and import them into external tools.

  • Set up user groups for A/B-testing. The Segment Builder tool randomly splits users into segments based, so you get accurate tests results.

  • Build segments by user activity: “didn’t open an email” or “didn’t click through web push notification” etc. It prevents messages duplication in various channels.

  • Make segments based on purchase frequency, recency and order value, Reactivate customers who stopped purchasing and increase the loyalty of regular customers.

  • Build segments based on products, categories and brands prefered by customers. For example, you can make a segment of users who purchased a coffee machine for the past 2 months and offer them a set of coffee samples, as well as accessories for maintenance.

  • Build numerous scenarios of important dates processing provide extended communications personalization: congratulate your clients with their birthdays, notify about the bonuses expiration, reactivate sleeping customers and more.

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