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Next Best Offer

Next Best Offer

Predicts the best timing and next purchases to make a personalized offer to your client

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  • Technology overview

    Companies aggregate a huge amount of data on their customers every day. Lots of customers behave in almost the same way, so the Next Best Offer technology can build consumption chains based on this data.For example, if the customer ordered clothing for a 6-months-old baby, they most likely need clothing for a 1-year-old baby in 6 months.

  • As soon as the new customer makes their first purchase, AI identifies their stage in the consumption chain. Then it predicts products the customer should be interested in in the nearest future and defines the best timing to make a personal offer.

  • How AI predicts the next purchase:

    • First, it analyzes the sequence of purchases of all customers and the time before making the next purchase

    • Next, AI defines statistically significant proper consumption chains

    • Finally, when the order is made, the platform predicts the next purchase in a particular consumption chain

  • Each customer can be attributed to various consumption chains simultaneously based on his purchase history. AI defines the most relevant offers from your store and combines them in a single communication.

Thousands of clients worldwide

generated €385 981 789 additional revenue last year using Retail Rocket

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  • Nespresso
  • Groupon
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