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Personalized Product Recommendations at Tafelzeilonline.com: over 36% revenue growth

Personalized Product Recommendations at Tafelzeilonline.com: over 36% revenue growth

Tafelzeilonline is one of the fastest growing webshops in the field of plastic table coverings in The Netherlands. It is a single-product eCommerce with a varied catalog that offers more than 700 articles in its online store.

Tafelzeilonline wanted to stand out from its online competition and decided to implement the technology provided by Retail Rocket to personalize the shopping experience on its website.

By using Retail Rocket’s platform and a Big Data analysis in real time, the online shop offers personalized recommendations in different sections of its website so that each user will be guided towards the product that best suits to their preferences and needs.
Then the users will be more likely to make a purchase, resulting in a significant increase of the conversion rate.


Retail Rocket provides more than 1000 clients worldwide with a personalized, multi-layered service, from initial assessment right through to final implementation, without IT costs and without requiring a lot of time to launch it.

It analyzes the behaviour of the online store’s visitors and adjusts the website in real time so that each customer gets their own version of the webshop, highlighting the products that are the most likely to be bought, based on preferences of the user.

Retail Rocket added real-time recommendations to different pages of the website of Tafelzeilonline. Users of the website were shown personalized offers, similar products, and related products based on the product that they were viewing at that very moment.

In this Case Study, we will show how personalized product recommendations helped Tafelzeilonline to increase their conversion rate. Retail Rocket implemented recommendations on the homepage, product and cart pages and analyzed the results obtained from June 1 to September 1, 2017.


The homepage is the most important page on the website. It is the starting point for most users, where they can look for what they need. On an average, they can spend up to three seconds on this page until they decide if they want whether to continue or to leave.

When landing on the homepage of Tafelzeilonline.com, the user sees two blocks of products with static products provided by the company itself. Both blocks display the “new arrivals” which shows the visitor the latest products that have been added to the website. Once the website receives information about the user and his preferences, he will be shown personalized recommendations and the homepage will look like this:

Product Page

The product page is a critical decision-making point for potential customers, making it exceptionally important to show each visitor the products that they are most likely to buy.

It is also used to highlight and recommend more products, eventually increasing the average order value.

When a product does not fully meet a visitor’s wishes or preferences, it is useful to recommend related products which are complementary items that the visitor can add to the cart with the product that is being viewed at that time.

Showing recommendations with similar products can also motivate users to find the product that they are looking for. The similarity is based on products properties such as price, brand, category, etc. but also collaborative filtering, which is based on what other customers also viewed or what they ended up buying.

The combination of these two approaches can significantly boost the growth of an online store.

Cart page

Once the visitor is determined to buy the products, he can see all the items that are ready for purchase in the cart page. In this page, the user also gets other items shown to him, besides the products he will buy which can lead to a “cross sale”. The recommendations displayed are related to the products that are in the cart already.

Related products in the cart page are chosen based on a database analysis (which categories are frequently bought together, how the product properties correlate) and also website behaviour (carts and previous orders).


The implementation of the personalized recommendations gave the following results:


After implementing Retail Rocket’s recommendation blocks for their products on TafelzeilOnline.com, the revenue of the online store went up with over 36%. Over 30% of the orders included one or more items that came through a recommendation by Retail Rocket and the average order value increased by 12%.

Personalization in eCommerce is nowadays more relevant and can be a critical competitive and distinctive differentiator. Retail Rocket’s platform helps online stores to provide an exceptional experience and to thrive in a differentiated shopping environment.


“Since our collaboration with RetailRocket, our webshop is more personal than ever. This not only benefits the user experience, but we also see a substantial increase in conversion.”

Roy van Eeuwijk – Owner at Tafelzeilonline

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