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Website product recommendations result in 13.3% conversion growth for Dungelmann-Schoenen.nl

Website product recommendations result in 13.3% conversion growth for Dungelmann-Schoenen.nl

About Dungelmann Schoenen

Dungelmann Schoenen is a Dutch company that offers a large collection of shoes and accessories. In the philosophy of Dungelmann Schoenen, customer service has a primary focus. Given the increased importance of a personalized online experience, Dungelmann wanted to present their products on the website in a form tailored more specifically to each customer. Since this process would have been too complicated and time-consuming to do in-house, they collaborated with Retail Rocket to implement a personalized online shopping experience.

Mr. P.J.A. Dungelmann, the founder of Dungelmann Schoenen, opened his first shop in 1900. Now, 117 years later, the family business has grown to include stores across the country and they unveiled the online shop Dungelmann-schoenen.nl in 2011. The shop stands out thanks to its large collection of shoes and accessories, with top brands for men, women, and children. Exceptional service and a passion for fashion are critical to the identity and philosophy of Dungelmann. They believed it was time to offer a more personalized service to every single customer in the online shop and worked together with Retail Rocket to realize this goal.

Customizing product recommendations on Dungelmann-Schoenen.nl

To offer the visitors of Dungelmann-Schoenen.nl a more customized approach, Retail Rocket added personalized product recommendations to Dungelmann’s webshop at the Homepage. The Retail Rocket platform analyses the behavior of the visitors of the online shop by adjusting the website in real time so that each customer gets their version of the webshop, highlighting the products that they are most likely to buy, based on their preferences and purchase history. There are more than 20 personalization scenarios for each step of the customer journey. In this case, the personalization was implemented on the main page.

Testing the personalized approach

To find out how effectively the product recommendation tool from Retail Rocket would increase the conversion rate, an A/B test was used. Visitors to the main page were randomly divided into four groups, each seeing a different list of product recommendations. The goal of the A/B test was to identify the statistically significant difference in the conversion rate during four months.

The four groups randomly divided were as follows:

Group 1: Visitors who were shown the most popular products from the webshop’s homepage. E.g.:

Group 2: Visitors who were shown the most popular products, personalized based on visitor’s interest to products’ properties (price, brand, etc.). E.g.:

Group 3: Visitors who were shown the most popular products from categories that visitors are currently interested in. E.g.: boots, sneakers, lace shoes…

Group 4: Control group, who were shown the non-personalized version of the website

Conversion increased by 13.3%

The Retail Rocket product recommendations have proven to be effective on the Dungelmann-schoenen.nl Homepage. People who were exposed to the personalized product recommendations were 13.3% more likely to make a purchase than the control group, with a statistical significance of 92.9%. During the research period, the conversion increased by 13.3% based on users that visited the home page.

+13.3% webshop conversion

Mariska van der Burg | E-commerce manager Dungelmann

“The consumers’ wishes are the primary focus. Consumers are realizing that sharing of information means that they can be helped better and faster. The consumer of the future demands relevance.  It is all about personal contact, building a relationship with the client and initiating interaction. From anonymous to personal. By offering our clients relevant content, they experience recognition, our appreciation for them as a customer and that they remain ‘in control'”.


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