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Megabit & Retail Rocket: How to get users to visit your website and increase CTR by 18%

Megabit & Retail Rocket: How to get users to visit your website and increase CTR by 18%

Trigger-based emails make the customer’s purchase journey easier and faster. But, what if these emails are never opened at all and, therefore, there is no conversion to the website? Let’s see below how the implementation of Retail Rocket’s Artificial Intelligence personalization technology has managed to solve it, significantly increasing CTR and email open rates.  

Megabit challenge 

Megabit is a hypermarket for electronics and appliances. The retailer’s big challenge is to enhance the customer purchase experience on its online store, breaking with the myths about the inconveniences that online shopping sometimes implies, such as long delivery times and the complexity of the process.

Megabit Retail Store


To improve communication by sending trigger-based emails, Megabit contacted Retail Rocket, whose team, based on the client’s challenge, identified the following objectives:

  • To set up and activate the triggered emails for different scenarios, covering all stages of the customer journey;
  • To Increase the triggered emails’ CTR and open rates 
  • To Increase the overall online shop’s revenue

Thanks to the Retail Rocket’s growth hacking team, who developed a personalized strategy according to the briefing, Megabit achieved all of the set objectives. Here below, you will find how they did it.  

Retail Rocket Solution

To start, Retail Rocket set up and activated the trigger-based email campaigns, which is a must for a successful email marketing strategy. Moreover, in this way, the entire customer journey will be covered. This buying process ranges from the product search to the post-purchase stages, building customer loyalty, and generating recurrent business. 

Triggered emails are based on the user’s website behaviour in real-time, therefore, each customer gets their personalized email. But also, the Retail Rocket smart-frequency-limit algorithm will not let the online store’s email marketing become annoying to users. 

These automated emails are sent to visitors in response to actions for different scenarios: abandoned website browse remarketing, abandoned cart recovery emails, and follow-up reminders, among others.

In the image below you can see the trigger-based email marketing campaign funnel and how it works on each stage of the customer journey:


The Retail Rocket AI platform is specifically designed for eCommerce and for sending the most relevant email of all running triggers to maximize the metrics. Its implementation is fast and easy, and your online shop will get the first positive results within only a few days. In addition, by conducting A/B tests, the webshops will be able to continuously improve their KPIs. Let’s see the tests that Retail Rocket carried out to set the best strategy implementation plan for Megabit. 

All the recipients of emails were randomly divided into two segments. Segment A received the original version of the trigger-based email acting as the control group, whereas segment B got one email testing a hypothesis that should increase the email’s metrics.


Case 1: Increasing Open Rate with a CTA element

First, we decided to focus on the triggered emails’ subject. Our Growth Hackers have a broad experience in all main retail segments of the market. Therefore, while conducting the test, we could rely on the existing results of stores with similar characteristics.

Retail Rocket specialists opted for adding a CTA element and the name of the product that previously interested the user. It is this call-to-action that should make the customers want to open the email.


By mentioning an item of interest in the subject and adding a CTA element, the user would open and view the email. 


Segment A

Segment B

You have left your order unfinished. Get it now! You left (product name) in your shopping cart. Get it now!

 Open Rate + 10.7%

 CTR + 14%


Test results:

According to the test results, adding a mention of the product in the subject line increased the Open Rate by 10.7% and the Click-Through Rate (CTR) by 14%. The statistical significance of the test results was 99.2% and 95.4%, respectively.


Case 2: increasing the traffic from the triggered emails to the online store by selecting a recommendation algorithm 

Newsletters’ metrics directly depend on the correct selection of the recommendation algorithm. But, how do you know what users are looking for: related products, alternative options, or maybe something different? Unfortunately, this cannot be easily guessed, and this is where Retail Rocket tests play an essential role.

After conducting more than 6,000 A / B tests per year, our Growth Hacking team analyzed the effectiveness of several recommendations and were able to select the best option based on the retailer’s goals. Megabit’s main goal was to increase CTR, so popular product recommendations were added in their emails. 


Replacing the “Alternative Products” algorithm for “Popular Products” would attract the interest of visitors in the online store’s bestsellers. Therefore, these recommendations would motivate customers to visit the website for further viewing of the assortment of goods.

Segment A

Segment B

“Alternative Products” Recommendations Algorithm! “Popular Products” Recommendations Algorithm!

 CTR + 7.43%


Test results:

According to the test results, changing the recommendation algorithm for “popular products” increased the Click-Through Rate by 7.43% with a 97.5% statistical significance. Conversion and Average Order Value remained at the same level though. A CTR increase meant a significant revenue boost through trigger-based emails.


Case 3: Introducing the “Purchased Today” element on product cards – using the principle of social proof

In order to improve the effectiveness of triggered emails, you would not only need to have a methodology to follow but also be a good psychologist. Our experts studied the behaviour of Megabit’s users to suggest solutions that would fit their needs. For this test, we used the principle of social proof, the phenomenon by which customers make decisions based on what others do.

Adding the “Purchased Today” element does not take up much space in the email, but it contains one of the most powerful triggers for a user: the opinion of others. “If other people bought the product, then it must be good,” the customers think about it, and it drives them to visit the website.


Adding an item with the number of purchased goods to the product card would increase the user’s motivation to buy, which would be motivated by the interest that was previously shown by other people.


Test results:

According to the test results, adding an item with the number of purchased goods increased the CTR by 18.4%, with a statistical significance of 99.1%. However, the conversion and average order value remained at the same level. CTR growth leads to a revenue boost that is achieved by emails.


Megabit & Retail Rocket comments



“Megabit values convenience and simplicity. Trigger-based emailing is a tool that can automatically lead a customer to make a purchase, convincing them to return to the website in every single scenario. Due to its potential, finding a platform and an expert Growth Hacking team in triggered emails was very important for us. The efficiency of Retail Rocket works perfectly and met all our objectives”.


Mikhail Vlasov, e-commerce manager




“It is important to accurately establish communication chains with customers in the email channel to increase both the relevance of the online store products and conversion. With Megabit, we strive to ensure that each user gets what is most interesting for them, based on their real-time behaviour, and to achieve excellent results”.


Alexey, Retail Rocket 

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