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Siebel Juweliers’ 12% revenue increase after implementing Retail Rocket’s recommendation blocks

Siebel Juweliers’ 12% revenue increase after implementing Retail Rocket’s recommendation blocks

About Siebeljuweliers.nl

Siebel Juweliers is considered the most successful jewellery brand in The Netherlands. In their stores you will find a wide collection of watches, jewellery and wedding rings from well-known brands such as Michael Kors, Guess, Seiko and Ti Sentoi.

Siebel started in 1912 in the city of Rotterdam and has spread over The Netherlands with over 40 physical stores and their online store where they display over 3000 products.  

To stand out from its online competition, Siebel wanted to provide their visitors with a personalized shopping experience through their website. They desired to have the same service quality and customer focus online as they had offline.

By using Retail Rocket’s platform and a Big Data analysis in real time, the online shop offers personalized recommendations in different sections of its website so that each user will be guided towards the product that best suits to their preferences and needs.
Then the users will be more likely to make a purchase, resulting in a significant increase in the conversion rate.

The challenge

By having this big amount of products displayed on their website, the visitor can get lost or distracted while browsing or trying to find the product they eventually came for. The user might need help to find the correct product through such a wide product range in the online store.

By implementing Retail Rocket’s real-time recommendation mechanism, the online store will have a better approach and will provide an organized view of products to the visitor, so they can easily find what they are looking for, which also makes their browse journey more pleasant.


Retail Rocket provides personalized recommendations in real-time to help the user navigate the online shop. These recommendations automatically reflect any changes in behaviour, assisting the visitors to find the products they need with little effort and in a short amount of time.

The Retail Rocket mechanism analyzes the behaviour of the online store’s visitors and adjusts the website in real time so that each user sees a different version of the webshop based on their preferences.

In this case study, we assess the outcome of Retail Rocket’s implementation of their personal recommendation blocks on different parts of the online store of Siebeljuweliers.nl during a period of four months (1/08/2017 – 12/08/2017).

By delivering a more structured overview of the website, with product recommendations, the conversion rate increases.

Personalization: Homepage

The most important part of the website is the homepage. This is the point where most users start looking for what they need.

On the homepage, the visitor sees “personal recommendations” and their most “popular products”. Both recommendation blocks are shown due to the implementation of Retail Rocket’s personalized, multi-layered service.

Users of the website were shown personalized offers, alternative products, and related products based on the product that they were viewing at that very moment.

Once the website receives information about the user and his preferences, the first recommendation block will display “personal recommendations” to the user.

The second block of recommendations will show the visitor what the “popular products” are and the homepage will then look like this:

Personalization: Category page

Customers that browse categories need to be guided and persuaded to stay on the webshop and explore the catalog and are also influenced by both the content and products they are presented after each click.

In the category page, there are “popular items” of the category being viewed, are shown to the visitor:

Personalization: Product page

The product page is a critical decision-making point for potential customers, making it highly important to show each visitor the products that they are most likely to buy.
It is also used to highlight and recommend more products, eventually increasing the average order value.

When a product does not fully meet a visitor’s wishes or preferences, it is useful to recommend similar products which are complementary items that the visitor can add to the cart with the product that is being viewed at that time.

Showing recommendations with similar products can also motivate users to find the product that they are looking for. The similarity is based on products properties such as price, brand, category, etc. but also collaborative filtering, which is based on what other customers also viewed or what they ended up buying.

Within the product page of siebeljuweliers.nl there are two recommendation blocks shown:

First the similar products and below the related products.

Personalization: Cart page

When the visitor has decided to buy the products he was searching for, he sees the selected items that are ready for purchase on the cart page. Besides the products the user is planning to buy, he is shown another block of product recommendations which might lead to a “cross-sell”. The recommendations displayed are related to the products that have been already selected by the visitor and are in the cart already.

Related products in the cart page are chosen based on a database analysis (which categories are frequently bought together, how the product properties correlate) and also website behaviour (carts and previous orders).

Personalization: 404 Error page

The 404 page (also called 404-page error) appears when a website is active, but that specific page doesn’t exist. This error can also occur when the user follows a broken link.

Within this page, recommendations can still be shown in order to maintain the visitor on the website and encourage them to make a purchase.

In the case of siebeljuweliers.nl related products are shown, like here below:


The goal for Siebel and Retail Rocket was to have a better approach and provide an organized view of the products to the visitor, so they could easily find what they are looking for.

By implementing the (real-time) recommendation blocks from Retail Rocket, the online store offers personalized recommendations in different sections of its website so that the visitor is guided towards the product that best suits to their preferences.

The following results were obtained in the period of August 1st 2017 until December 12th 2017.


It is of great importance to create an impact on users with the appropriate recommendation blocks on each page of the online store to maximize its effect.

After the implementation of the recommendation blocks by Retail Rocket for siebeljuweliers.nl the revenue of the online store rose with 12% and the total amount of orders placed on the webshop went up with 18,3%.

Comment from Siebel

Retail Rocket has helped us make our webshop more personal and our product range more relevant to all visitors and customers. The personalized content contributes to a shopping experience where attention to the consumer is central, just like in our physical stores. In addition, Retail Rocket proved that personalized product recommendations significantly increase the conversion rate and the user experience. Retail Rocket also thinks along with us in terms of innovation, omnichannel and loyalty.

Marjolein Poland – E-Commerce Manager


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