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Hire AI as your online stylist

Hire AI as your online stylist

Retail Rocket launches the new algorithm “The Total Look”, providing fashion customers with carefully curated personalized looks based on the item they are browsing.

We are proud to introduce our latest solution for fashion e-commerce: The Total Look algorithm.

It acts as an AI online stylist, providing customers with carefully curated looks based on the items they are browsing — fully automatically. 

Our Total Look algorithm leverages the power of artificial intelligence to analyze customer preferences, item attributes, and styling trends. By combining these elements, it generates personalized and complete outfit recommendations, matching the selected item and individual taste. By providing these curated looks, we offer convenience, inspiration, and fashion expertise in a single click.

With The Total Look, customers can easily visualize how items will look when combined with other fashion pieces, leading to increased confidence in their purchase decisions. This newfound convenience and guidance foster stronger customer loyalty, higher conversion rates, and increased average order value for our fashion clients. 

The Total Looks might be presented as collages:

And grids or lines:

Why it is important: 

According to the statistics*, the average conversion in Women’s fashion e-commerce is 1,3%. It means that 99 out of 100 customers leave the store without a purchase. Decreasing consumer optimism, rising sustainability trends, ongoing global tensions, and rising inflation continue to squeeze customer confidence and extend the shopping journey even further. 

The Total Look algorithm is aimed to inspire more confidence and help customers overcome second thoughts before making the purchase decision. It enhances other personalization solutions and further improves the conversions for fashion e-commerce. 

How it works: 

When a customer browses the product card, the algorithm creates a total look with this item. Leveraging the power of computer vision and AI, the algorithm displays balanced looks (meaning it won’t recommend styling a sweater with shorts), taking into consideration popular items, customer behavior and interest in particular products, matching colors and styles, and category rules. 

Who can use it: 

Perfect for multi-category fashion e-retailers. The only requirement: the item’s pictures should contain the item only, without people or other objects. 

Ready to hire our algorithm as your AI online stylist? Or maybe you have questions or want to share your thoughts? Send us a message to support@retailrocket.io

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